Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

How do I determine which head I need?

If the head has a casting number enter that in the website search engine and select the entry matching your vehicle’s model and/or engine code. If a number of heads are returned, clicking the search button will let you see more details and more heads at once. Be sure to refer to the web photos where you can zoom in on all identifying features of the head from various angles. The site also has a built-in comparison tool where you can compare more than one head if needed. If you’re still not sure give us a call – we are here to help.

What if the head I require is not listed?

There are additional heads available, so please telephone for more information.

Do I need to buy a thicker gasket?

All the heads have the valves and seats cut by machine, which returns them to the manufacturer’s specification, so the original sized gasket can be fitted, rather than a thicker one.

Do all cylinder heads come complete with camshafts?

Some heads come complete, but all the information for each head will be in the product listing.

What if I have been told that my head is unrepairable?

As long as it is not cast iron, we can repair 99%.

Do you offer a service to repair my own head?

Yes, this is possible. We arrange couriers, but please telephone for the price.

Do you recondition cast iron heads?

This is possible as long as there are no cracks.

Do you offer a pressure testing and skimming service?

We carry out a full range of machining and testing, the replacement of valve guides and valve seats, and seat cutting.

Do you repair classic or vintage cylinder heads?

We do carry some heads in stock, but can also offer unleaded conversions and reconditioning service.

Do you repair motorbike heads?

We do not carry them in stock, but we do work on them, so please ring for further details.

Exchanging your head

How does the exchange work?

All heads are sold on an exchange basis. It is necessary that everything is returned, whatever its condition. The head is sent to you, and once the vehicle is up and running the old head needs to be placed in the original box, you need to contact us for an e-mail return label, and then a courier will be sent to collect it. On receiving all parts back, you will receive the refund. If the head was sent directly to a garage, you are responsible for the return of the old head. If the old head is not returned there will be no refund and in the case of very expensive heads you may be liable for additional charges.

Is there always an exchange surcharge?

There is no surcharge when we collect the old head first.

What happens if I do not have an exchange head?

Depending on the vehicle and our stock, this is possible, but please phone for a price.

Pricing and payment

Is there a trade price?

No, as we try to keep our prices as low as possible. One price for all.

What is included in the price?

The reconditioned head, but not the gaskets, are included. The courier service is an additional cost, £40 plus Vat on the mainland.

How can I make a payment

We have a wide range of payment options available to make it as easy as possible for you to finalise your order. Our online checkout system accepts credit cards (MasterCard, and Visa). We also now accept PayPal and Direct deposits are also available if preferred. We also accept cash on collection.

Shipping destinations

We can ship and collect heads from within most of the mainland UK for £40, the website will also let you place an order for more remote areas for a slighter higher delivery charge.

If you wish to place an order outside of the United Kingdom please contact us by email or phone so we can arrange delivery, as charges and payment types vary depending on destination.



We pride ourselves on the superior quality of our cylinder head units and offer a no quibble money back guarantee if you have any problems, subject to the terms below.

What is the period of warranty?

The warranty is one year parts only from the date of purchase.

What is covered?

All of our products will be free from material defects or problems caused by our workmanship when used under normal conditions.

What happens if I have a problem?

In the unlikely event you do experience a problem we will replace the faulty item within the warranty period once we have determined the nature of the defect. To do this we require that the cylinder head is returned to us appropriately packaged for an inspection by one of our engineers. Unless agreed with a member of our staff carriage costs for the return will be at your expense.


The following are excluded from your warranty:

  • Damage as a result of incorrect installation, overheating or improper maintenance.
  • Damage as a result of detonation or pre-ignition.
  • Damage as a result of operating outside of the manufacturers guidelines - eg: performance enhancements, competitive racing.
  • We are not responsible for any costs you may incur, eg: rental car, diagnosis, etc.
  • Any repairs made without our written authorisation will void your warranty.


Installed parts either ordered in error, or shipped incorrectly by us and then fitted are not covered under the warranty.

It is the installers responsibility to check all parts are suitable before installation. If you are in any doubt contact us and we'll be glad to help.


Do you accept cylinder head returns?

If the head had not been fitted and is still in the box, it will be accepted, but you will be responsible for the carriage charge and a £20 admin fee. If the head has been fitted it can be returned but there will an additional cost to bring it back to stock condition.